Words from our Teens!



Getting to be really who we are!

Dear Friend,


You are the reason we get to share the farm.  I want you to know how grateful we are – not just those of us who run ARK Farms, but the kids themselves. Here are some of their words: 

“Without ARK Farms, I would have never gotten a job and I would never have a better coping skill for my major depression.” – Alec (17)

“What ARK Farms mean to me is a place where I can come and have fun. If it wasn’t for the farm I would have no where to go.” – Kaitey (15)

“This internship means a lot to me learning how to work with people in my community.” – Lucas (11)

“If it was not for this farm, I would not learn how to weld, ride a horse, chop wood, or drive a tractor. This place is where I can be myself and make friends.” – Abbs (11)

“Without ARK Farms, I wouldn’t have been able to meet all these wonderful people and learn these skills I had no idea about.” – Brandon (15)

“I am grateful for the expansive learning opportunities and unparalleled teamwork-building environment provided by ARK Farms to the greater Memphis community.” – Kyle (17)

“This internship has helped me to grow as a person and discover skills I didn’t know I had. Without the farm I would not have some of the friends I have now. I am so grateful for this farm.” Layla (14)

“This internship is so important to me. Not just me – so many people. It helps with stress and they support victims of human trafficking. This internship was the BEST time in my life!” – Luke (13)

“The farm has gotten me out of the house, given me more friends, and has taught me many different skills.” – Aaron (16)

“This means so much to me. I don’t know what I would do without it. I love ARK Farms and NoSCABS and Mrs. Abby, and it keeps me from sitting in front of the T.V.” – Maggie (13)

“Why ARK Farms internship means so much to me is because I got to learn something new from our staff, including Mrs. Abby and Ms. Deb. I love WELDING!” – Brianna (11)

“ARK Farms helped me learn valuable skills such as welding, horsemanship, driving tractors and many other things. At ARK Farms I am an asset to the community.” – Ava (16)

This summer has been so powerful. Parents have called and written to thank us for helping their family by giving them their kid back, renewed and happy again. They come away with so much more than new skills. Chloe, a high school girl who came on a group visit, described it this way, “It’s so welcoming, accepting, and full of love. We really saw this evident sitting around the bonfire, sharing and learning using ‘NoSCABS’. That was an amazing moment...wow! We now know how to create not only a strong community with each other, but also a self-empowering mindset within ourselves.”

Thank you, from all of us. As we figure out how to open for programs again, we continue to work with our Youth Advisory Board to provide what teens in this generation really need. Thank you for allowing us to do that, and for building life with us in this generation.