what we all want for our kids -

courage —- confidence —- connection


We don’t limit kids by

race, gender, zipcode, or socio-economic class -

as long as they are youth who want to come to the farm, they qualify.

Here’s Why:

  • There is no such thing any more as “At Risk” youth. All teens from this generation report experiencing feelings of discouragement from stress, disempowerment from life drama, and/or disconnection from their community.

  • Pressure in school and on social media stifle growth and creativity in young people. They often lack a place where they can try out new ideas without worrying about failure and ridicule.

  • All kids crave a place where they belong, where they make sense just by being who they are.

What We Do:

  • At ARK Farms the kids come to help restore rescue animals and the land they live on. This means that the teens are the heroes, not the project.

  • In the process of building a better life on the farm, kids develop new skills and discover what they are really good at - they learn that they are valuable in this ecosystem.

  • Working with other people from all kinds of backgrounds is the most complete picture of real community. If I am carrying a heavy load, and you come pick up the other end, I am so grateful for the help. Nobody cares if the help is black/white, male/female, rich/poor, fat/skinny - we all need each other. THIS is community.

How this helps:

  • When teens find that they are powerful, and able to work together to build life, they have a powerful incentive never to destroy it.

  • Working on the farm builds real workforce and career skills that lead to job experience, not to mention a work ethic they will have for the rest of their lives.

  • Building life together bridges the gap of social boundaries in our community. Teens begin to see others in their community from a new perspective, because “different” is valuable - it destroys the power of racism, gender inequality, and division in our community.