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STEM Field Trips

at ARK Farms

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Bring your class to get hands-on STEM in a farm setting.

Your class can also adopt a STEM project to make at school that will be used at the farm. Monitor its success via the web, redesign if needed, chart the effects, and receive community service hours for their contribution.

Add other Interdisciplinary Studies such as Social Science, Community Awareness, Guidance, Technical Education, Physical Education and Health, Art and Music, English Literature and Writing, and Language.


*All field trips are coordinated with Abby Mauwong, former high school English teacher with over 20 years in education. Call Abby at 901-334-7225 or email

Capacity for approximately 100 students per visit with around 25 per station.

Cost of STEM Field Trip = $10 per student

Picnic Tables are available for you if you would like to bring snack lunches.

Field Trip content can be customized for age group, curriculum focus, and group needs.