Being a Non-profit is about more than doing the most Good we can, it is also about the business of being clear about HOW we do that Good, who we report to, what happens with the donations that come in, and how effectively we are meeting the goals of our mission.

That’s hard, because we look at kids every day, and see them grow and develop as they do the restorative work with rescue animals and conservation practices on the farm. These are people - not numbers. We have also learned that reporting numbers is a BIG part of getting the funding necessary to keep the farm available for these kids. It’s an expensive mission, and we have yet to find one major funder who can cover the needs of the farm and all its programs. That’s why we depend on all the people who come together to support ARK Farms, $5 here or $25 a month there.

Gaining this @GuideStarPlatinum Seal of Transparency is a way that we demonstrate our efforts to be entirely open about what we do, how we do it, and how well that is working. We are still gathering information and will continue to report data. In the midst of that, we are always genuinely focused on seeing young people find how AWESOME they are, discovering that they matter in their world, and that they are valued. All that with a little tractor-driving or chicken tending. Thanks for celebrating this goal with us - and thank you for supporting the mission of ARK Farms.