Farm Life ROCKS - and wiggles too...

Check out this news!

There is so much going on at the farm, I can hardly keep up. During the past 10 weeks of Serve Days, we have seen new babies born on the farm, new rescues join our farm fresh family, and whole new parts of our ecosystem emerge! Our new baby lambs, Cooper and Curly are growing stronger every day, and they have started to wean from their mamas. That means they want more attention from us - ok I don’t mind that so much. We also have several new ducks, chickens, baby chicks, and even a new horse, Charlie Brown. The farm is just brimming with life. You can view our newsletter here.

If that wasn’t plenty, we just became home to a brand new worm farm! That’s right, the richest soil nutrients you can find, and we are growing it intentionally as part of our symbiotic relationships in our ecosystem of the farm. See what I did there, threw in a bunch of cool science words. That’s because the farm is all about STEM. We use science and engineering every day at the farm. This means that we make a great place for school field trips.

Check out the rockstar in this photo who came to the farm as part of a homeschooling group having a soil and garden day at the farm . It’s a great way to spend class time outdoors. We have heaps of field trips planned this season, and we are excited to have all the kids out at the farm. Watch this space for more news on that! If you want to have a group visit at the farm, contact us and we will get you all the information! See you at the farm!