ARK Farms is home to over 100 rescued animals, and many more have come through on their way to adoptive homes.  Meet some of the animals that inspire us to work and grow.

Animal of the Month:



We have 12 sheep, including 5 lambs that were born this Spring. Three are Rams and the rest are Ewes. These are St. Croix hair sheep, and they are a very important part of our sustainable agriculture. Sheep are brilliant foragers, as they have the ruminant stomachs that allow them to break down small branches and twigs as they go through the wooded areas of the farm. This allows sunlight to reach the grass, keeps the mowing down in areas that are hard to reach, and raising sheep with horses and donkeys keeps down parasites on the farm. Plus, they are just fun to cuddle with. Our youth empowerment teams love working with the sheep.