Planting Salad Gardens in Food Deserts

Many people live in "food deserts", places where fresh fruits and vegetables are hard to come by.  These exist in places where there are very few grocery stores, and they common in most cities. 

ARK Farms had some great opportunities to plant salad gardens not just in these communities, but in their HOMES! In cooperation with other community outreaches, we brought children and families to ARK Farms to have a day of fun. Part of that day was spent planting their own gardens in a bag -- that's right -- in a reusable shopping bag! Gardens consisted of their choice of tomatoes, peppers, squash, onions, berries, melons, cucumbers, herbs, and more.   They were so proud as each one "Adopted" their new family of plants, learned how to support and care for them, and then take them home in a recycled watering pan. 

They also learned how to use recycled items to help their plants, like wire hangers to make tomato cages, and shoe laces to tie up supports. We even learned about how to compost other foods and use them in our gardens. 

We are so excited about this project. Next year we hope to start with even more plants and get gardens in even more homes.

You can help by donating to these projects or coming out to help with them.

Come to the farm and play in the dirt with us!


Taylor and Deterius figuring out the best supports for his newly adopted plants.