Farm Feeding - Life Lesson

I was feeding the ducks and chickens this week some particularly favored treats when I suddenly felt something leaning against my leg. It was little "Mocha" duck. She is an adolescent who was abandoned at the farm where her mother had been, and she has spent most of her life at ARK Farms. I reached down and handed her some food from my hand.  She stayed right there, and while all the other critters were scampering around, jockeying for position to outwit the other bird out of their take, she was simply enjoying the ease and grace of staying close to me and having all the food she wanted without any effort.

I realized, sometimes that is how I am in life, running around out in the world trying to get what I want. When all I have to do is snuggle up to the source of peace and grace, and eat from the hand that feeds me.  I got a lot of goodness out of that moment - just wanted to pass it on.