Youth Empowerment

Building Skills

Rescuing Animals

As students build skills at the farm, they find purpose, power, and connection in helping restore life for rescue animals.

Caring for rescue animals is one of the most effective and widely-studied ways to mitigate the effects of stress and anxiety, common challenges faced by young people in all communities regardless of race, gender, or zip code.

Whether Volunteering, getting the big picture in a Youth Internship, or specializing in a focused Apprenticeship, at the farm there is plenty of room to explore, grow, and have tons of FUN!

Gain skills that build life

You can do more than you know. Learn real skills used every day on the farm, from building skills to animal care, all of it as part of restoring life in the farm's ecosystem.  Explore your talents, see how your contribution matters.  You can get community service hours for school, specialize in an apprenticeship, or even lead your own major project in the community. This is your place to shine.

Get Involved

This is where you can Volunteer to Serve, Apply for an Internship, Request an Apprenticeship, or Propose a Project to lead at the farm. Click here to join in the farm and be part of restoring life while having fun building meaningful skills!

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