Click   HERE   to Sign up to  Volunteer

Click HERE to Sign up to Volunteer

Opportunities this fall

You can sign up as an individual, group, or business to be part of a volunteer weekend. Hosted by the ARK Farms "Youth Advisory Core", this is a way to get involved on the farm - get a taste of what we do and how we do it - and help the animals and farm life while you work.  To sign up for volunteer opportunities click here.

Empowerment through Restoration

Teens gain skills and confidence as they make life better for rescued animals through real work on the farm

Caring for rescue animals is one of the most effective and widely-studied ways to mitigate the effects of stress and anxiety, common challenges faced by young people in all communities regardless of race, gender, or zip code. 

You Can Help!

Please share in this work with us. Volunteer, spread the word, and give. Materials for projects, seed for the pasture, food for the animals, all of this is necessary to keep the work going and allow young people to find their strength and place in the community. You can give here!

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Why we do what we do

How all of this got started, and why it makes sense.