By working directly with an expert in a small group, students will gain first hand experience in their chosen subject. Thirty-two hours of project-focused training will provide knowledge, experience, and a level of competency that can move the student forward in their pursuit of excellence.  Upon completion they will receive a reference letter, a Certificate of Apprenticeship, and some may be able to use their skills experience toward further certification.



The engineering apprenticeship will be directed by a Mechanical Engineer with a specialty in teaching math and engineering to students. The project focus will be on creating renewable energy structures, and will involve mechanical engineering, CAD - Computer Aided Design, and Robotics. 

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Horsemanship is not part of riding, riding is a part of horsemanship.  This apprenticeship is designed through the expertise of our equine vet, farrier, Bowen therapist, and riding staff.  4:1 ratio ensures that each student gets solid understanding in every element of horsemanship from health and nutrition, groundwork and connection, to riding and confidence. Over the 8 days each trainee will earn 32 hours which can be applied to further horsemanship certifications.

Summer Apprentice Training Dates:
June 4 - 15 and June 18 - 29  
Week 1 - Monday thru Friday                 8 - Noon
Week 2 - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday       8 - Noon
Cost:  $340 (sponsored)
          $580 full tuition